The Rescue Mission's Services


Residential Life

  Overall we can house 193 people at a time, and we average 130 people per night. We house men, women, families, those with medical needs, low income renters, and those in Relapse Prevention. As a Mission we strive to provide a family friendly environment that allows our residents to feel the love of God in all we do.

When residents come in we meet their physical needs by providing a home, 3 meals a day, clothing, laundry facilities, and other basic needs like toiletries. We also ask our residents to meet with one of our case workers, our nurse, our chaplain, and our job search coordinator. By doing this we help our residents meet their specific needs. Such as first getting glasses, a license, a job, and finally moving into permanent housing. 


Corner of Hope

  On the other side of our block, we have the Corner of Hope. This is our outreach to the homeless community who are in need, but are not current residents. The facility provides food and drinks, a place to shower, clean clothes, and laundry machines completely free of charge. 

The Corner of Hope connects the Mission with people who normally do not trust shelters. As we serve our guests, we build trust and hope that they choose to come to the Mission and begin to rebuild their lives. Ultimately though, we just want to show people that God’s love is faithful and that we provide a nurturing environment no matter where they choose to live.


Relapse Prevention

  The Relapse Prevention program is a 13 week course that some of our residents and non-residents choose to take. It is a faith-based program that addresses the physical, mental, social, and spiritual concepts of recovery from a biblical perspective. 

Each of these aspects is dealt with on an individual level, and in group settings. While all of our students may not have started as residents, we do require all students to live on our property during the 13 weeks. Together they address their struggles and learn how to over come them with God’s help. Once the students have finished the program, we encourage them to stay with us for another 6 months to continue helping them. 

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About Our Staff


Since November of 1997, Blake Barrow has been serving our community by leading the Rescue Mission of El Paso. He works tirelessly to provide a family friendly environment and a stable lifestyle for our residents.

Our Board Members

Behind the scenes we  have a board of 7 wonderful people who all passionately serve the Rescue Mission. They are: 

  •  Justin Chapman (President)
  • Jackson Curlin  (Vice President)
  • Bob Kotarski  (Treasurer) 
  • Bill Appleton
  • Terri Caviglia 
  • Walter Deines
  • Walker Jackson

Our Directors and Staff

Our residents and community's daily needs are cared for by the work of our directors and other staff members. Please feel free to contact them if you'd like to know more about the Mission or get involved.

  • Programs Director: Juana Ortega
  • Operations Director: Randell Woods
  • Case Worker Supervisor: Darlene Domingue
  • Chief Financial Officer: Connie Quarles
  • Community Engagement Director: Jenny Haynes
  • Donor Relations: Victoria Hunter
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Michelle Aguilar
  • Job Search Coordinator: Alexis Mendoza
  • Chaplain Director: Murray Van Gundy